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Star World Business Solutions Group majorly works for project financing. Project financing is a long term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects. These loans have wide range of projects from Capital Financing, Business Expansion, and Take-over to acquisition of any other company etc.The most important and interesting thing about project financing is that the credit worthiness is measured upon the project itself rather than that of its owners.
The modern finance has divided project financing into two types
Green Field Project:
These investments occur when a parent company begins a new venture by constructing new facilities.
Brown Field Project:
These investments occur when a company purchases an existing facility to begin new production.

Project Financing materialized by Star World Business Solutions is mentioned below:

Renewable Energy Projects:

  • Solar Power Plant Projects
  • Wind Mill Projects
  • Hydroelectricity Projects
  • Geothermal Projects
  • Bio Mass Projects, Bio Fuel Projects
  • Tidal Power Projects
  • Wave Power Projects.

Other Projects Financed through us :

  • Construction Projects
  • School and College Construction Projects
  • Rehabilitation Center Project
  • Hospital Projects
  • Movie Projects
  • IT Projects
  • Coal Mining Projects
  • Petroleum Projects
  • Service Industry Related Projects
  • Farming Projects- Cattle Farming Projects/ Dairy Projects
  • Agricultural projects